About Me

I am an Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant and the owner of Discover Autism. I provide meaningful guidance to families who have children with neurodevelopmental differences, such as Autism and ADHD. Understanding that every child and every family is unique and utilizing an ongoing and dynamic assessment and intervention model, my services are personalized for each child and each family at all times. I custom design an intervention program and plan of action that fits with the family’s philosophies that includes slowing down and connecting. My holistic approach is aimed towards helping parents feel empowered, connected and inspired to restore balance and an intuitive way of parenting. 

Why am I doing this?

One of the main reasons I chose to work with families with extraordinary kids that are struggling to make progress is because I have been there myself. Suffering from feeling overwhelmed. Living in a day-to-day crisis mode. Not being able to see into the future. Feeling pressure to try everything. Generally feeling like you’re failing as a parent. These are all things I’ve experienced in my own journey as a parent of an autistic child so I can relate first hand if any of that applies to you.


It took me years to better understand and have others understand our family's gifts and differences. But now we have created a life where we better understand ourselves and each other. We make our life and social situations work for us. I'm proud of who we are and proud to advocate for our needs. I am confident in my parenting and my story. 


I understand how isolating and lonely this path can be. I also what it feels like to find a source of positive support and have hope restored after many years of believing I wasn’t a good enough parent. I know what it’s like to restore balance in family life and learn to guide your child’s development, because I am doing it.  

How is my approach different?

Some forms of autism therapy view “autistic behaviours” as pathology. Their aim is to rid the individual of “autistic symptoms” such as difficulties interacting socially, problems in communicating, and "repetitive behaviour" patterns. The primary focus is on teaching a child a fixed set of skills so they can be more “functional”.  Unfortunately, this approach does not recognize or embrace the unique neurology of the Autistic brain or the lived Autistic experience.  


A skilled developmental consultant and coach seeks to understand your child’s experiences and what underlies their behaviours before addressing them. Finding one that truly understands what your specific needs are, fits well with you, and has the expertise to coach you to be your child’s most skilled guide can be hard to find but it’s well worth the effort. They are someone who “gets it”.


I see autism as a unique way of being human. I value the importance of learning about each person’s story and experiences and understanding what underlies behaviour. I understand that all behaviour is a form of communication and I believe children are always doing the best they can. I feel it is best to enhance a child’s abilities, to build on their strengths, and to offer guidance that will increase dynamic thinking skills and expand their capacity to grow and develop. This will lead them to become lifelong learners, to have more meaningful interpersonal connections, to have more awareness of and ability to positively manage difficult behaviour and to have a higher quality of life. I firmly believe that no child is broken and that all are truly amazing.

Why should you consider me?

I know about feeling like you’re living in “crisis mode”, about feeling desperate when you’re struggling to make progress, about feeling like you’re all alone out there. As a mother of an Autistic child, I’ve been there. I get it. I have tried many different tools and techniques and discovered the importance of holistic and truly individualized care. I am a passionate Registered Nurse with excellent leadership skills and a strong desire for preventative care and health education. As an Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant I use a collection of resources and holistic techniques and strategies to understand your family, your child’s history, their perspectives and their ways of learning. My programming will guide you to better connect with your child and help you to refine the tools you need to guide your child’s growth and development, for today and always. I believe every parent has the right to raise their children in a meaningful way that brings joy and rings true to their philosophies. I’ll show you how to do this.

I understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to guiding families with extraordinary children. We are all unique. With parents who are ready to connect with their child I can offer real guidance for a more connected family and a better quality of life for child and family alike. You are the expert on your child. My goal is to empower and educate you so you no longer need me. Ultimate success for me would be to work myself out of a job.


I would be honoured to guide your journey towards balance, quality of life and harnessing your own ability to guide your child’s overall growth and development! You’ve got a Mindful Guide in you, and I’m here to help you become the empowered, connected and inspired parent you are.



Big hugs, Adrianne 

Some of my training and experience credentials:

  • Self-Reg™ Champion

  • Certified RDI™ Program Consultant

  • Co-Active Fundamentals Coach Training

  • inTune Pathways - 'inTune Families™' Program

  • Hand-in-Hand Parenting Instructor (in-training)

  • San’yas Indigenous Cultural Competency Certificate

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honours (BScN Hon.)

  • Registered Nurse with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

  • Completion of Sara Ward’s Cutting Edge Strategies to Improve Executive Function program

  • Former Community Health Nurse (Level 4), Workplace Health Nurse and Public Health Nurse with First Nations Bands

  • Former Maternity Nurse with Fraser Health Authority

  • Immunization Competency Certificate

  • Perinatal Nursing Specialty Certificate


Skills highlights:

  • Culturally sensitive

  • Strong nursing ethics

  • Health and wellness

  • Education, coaching and teaching

  • Autism and family care

  • Holistic approach 

Adrianne Kmet, BScN (Hon.), RN

Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant 

Owner | Discover Autism