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I'm Adrianne, an Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant and Registered Nurse. My husband and I have been blessed with two amazing children. We live in beautiful Maple Ridge, British Columbia. I work with families in my local community and online around the world. 

My journey into motherhood and learning about Autism has sparked immense personal and professional growth and a deeper appreciation for life, love and relationships. I understand the complexities of being a neuro-divergent family and raising uniquely wired children in the midst of our quickly changing world. I know what it's like for people to say there aren't differences when your intuition knows that there is. Deep down you know it’s not supposed to be this hard. It may feel like the trail markers on this path can be almost impossible to find but there is hope. There are many families on this journey all around the world! Step by step and alongside one another we can learn, grow and develop and as we do this we learn how to accept, connect with, and guide our children so they, in turn, can learn, grow and develop and have meaningful experiences and relationships within a beautiful world. 

I bring a unique background and perspective to my work as an Autism & Neurodiversity Consultant. I have practiced as a Registered Nurse in diverse practice settings for almost ten years. I have my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours. I also have certifications in Coaching, Connection-Based Parenting, Trauma-Informed Practice, Self-Reg, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Perinatal Nursing, Indigenous Cultural Competency as well as other Certificates in different areas of interest. I have worked and run programs in rural and urban communities in Public Health, Community Health and Maternity Nursing. My professional background and holistic family approach to care combined with my experience providing individualized care makes Autism & Neurodiversity Consulting and parent coaching a natural fit for me.


Working with children and families in a meaningful way that promotes happiness and a better quality of life is my passion. If you feel that we might be a good fit, feel free to connect with me by phone, message or email.


Big hugs, Adrianne  

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