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This page is still being put together.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions personally if you contact me, thank you!

What is Autism?

What is RDI™?

What is the RDI™ Learning Community?

Is RDI™ a therapy?

What is the difference between a Behavioral Approach, like ABA, compared to a Developmental Approach, like RDI™?

Is RDI™ a therapist or parent based program?

Why do I need an RDI™ Consultant?

What is Self-Reg™? Learn More!

What are Executive Function skills?

What are Social Skills?

What is Autism or ASD?

What is Dysregulation?

What are meltdowns?

What is sensory processing?

What is the Autism Funding Unit?

What is a Behavior Consultant (BC)?

What is a Behavior Interventionist (BI)?

What is an RDI-Extender?

How do I apply for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC)?

Does my child need an MRI?

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