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Autism & Neurodiversity Consulting

The Path To Quality Of Life 

My consulting services are designed to help you restore balance, develop a fulfilling family life and create a meaningful connection with your child. I use a multi-faceted approach incorporating clinical and real world experience and evidence-based practice drawing from emergent research in Autistic Development, Neuroscience, Child Development, Connection-Based Parenting, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI™), Self-Reg™, and more. With my approach you will experience a natural and intuitive shift in your parenting style that will set the stage for you to use everyday moments in a meaningful way to deepen your child’s growth and development. You will learn to build stronger connections and become a more effective guide in order to help your child develop effective life skills and dynamic thinking skills.

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New Diagnosis Support

Finding Grace In The Chaos

Facing a possible or new diagnosis of Autism Spectrum or other developmental diagnosis, such as ADHD, is always emotional and often disorienting and overwhelming for parents. I know how hard it can be to find a way through those difficult emotions without a good support system. I can be part of yours. I’m here to provide individualized guidance, support and coaching for you at any time: during the assessment process, if you’ve just received a new diagnosis, after a diagnosis, or if you are looking to review the intervention plan years after the initial diagnosis. 

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Parenting Consulting

Transform Your Parenting

Kids Running

Parenting by connection helps families build stronger parent-child relationships. This strong emotional bond is the hallmark of well-adjusted families. Research in child development and neuro-science shows that regardless of background, a close parent-child connection throughout childhood and beyond is the strongest in preventing a variety of health and social problems. While other parenting approaches may be effective in altering your child's behaviour in the short term, they are not associated with long-term of authoritative parenting. When parents combine developmentally appropriate expectations with warmth, their child will develop good judgment over time without being threatened or punished. The long term-benefits of connection-based and authoritative parenting are many including, higher emotional intelligence (EQ), a solid parent-child relationship and enhanced resiliency. My approach does just this. It helps you, as a parent, remain warm, engaged and connected while setting the limits your child needs. 

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