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Being With™ Parent Course
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Stop playing behaviour whack-a-mole with your child’s most baffling behaviours by finally addressing the real problem!

This 12-week course will teach you what behaviour really is, and how to change it.

Being With™: A Course for Parents and Caregivers of Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviour. 

This course is grounded in the science of being relationally, socially, and behaviorally human - essentially human relationships and neuroscience.  This course offers deep insights that will make your child’s behaviour make sense- even those that don’t like willful, defiant, oppositional, rude, lazy and lying behaviours.  

You’ll become equipped with interventions, tools, and techniques- that actually work! And in this no-shame, no-blame approach to parenting, you’ll finally understand why knowing is only half the battle.

The course is strategically designed so you don’t just learn a bunch of parenting tools and techniques. By the end, you’ll actually be able to do the powerful techniques you’ll learn.

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Join this transformative course with Adrianne, tailored for parents and caregivers of kids with vulnerable nervous systems and baffling behaviours. This includes children with a history of trauma and toxic stress (including foster care and adoption), as well as children who are neurodivergent, gifted, have sensory processing differences, chronic dysregulation or neuroimmune disorders.  You might not know why your child has a vulnerable nervous system, and that’s OK.  This course is for you, too.  

Developed by Robyn Gobbel, MSW, author, educator, former therapist and trauma and adoption expert. 

Taught by Adrianne Kmet, BScN, RN, Registered Being With™ Course Facilitator, Relationship and Nervous System Behaviour Consultant specialized in neurodivergence.


The three core tenets of Being With™ are:


Behaviour is just a clue. What we see on the outside gives us information about what might be happening on the inside.



We all need connection to survive. If your child behaves in a way that makes you not want to be connected to them, we can pause and ask, “What’s up with that?”

Regulated, connected kids who feel safe behave well. We look for ways to increase regulation, connection, and felt-safety to change children's behaviours.

Highlights of the Course

Section 1

How to Become the Expert in Your Child’s Behaviors. This section will demystify the most baffling behaviours using the science of being relationally, socially, and behaviorally human. You’ll change how to see and interpret your child’s behaviour. That change will become the most powerful tool in your parenting toolbox.

Section 2

Now, Let’s “Fix” Those Behaviors Understanding That Regulated, Connected Kids Who Feel Safe Behave Well. Your parenting toolbox will be stuffed with brain, body, and sensory strategies that work. These techniques will strengthen your child’s nervous system and decrease baffling behaviours. Better yet, by the end of this section, you’ll know what interventions to use and when.


Section 3

A New Lens on Behaviour: Why Knowing Isn’t Even Half the Battle. You aren’t a bad parent, so what happens between learning and using those new parenting skills? Section 3 will grow your tolerance for baffling behaviours so you can parent how you want to.

This course is right for you if you are...

  • Ready to move past behaviour intervention techniques.
  • Longing to find a way to see your child’s true self….even if they never show it to you.
  • Willing to do the hard work of looking inward to move onward.
  • Looking for long-term change.

This course might not be the best fit if you are...

  • Wanting quick fixes.
  • Only comfortable with consequence-based parenting interventions.
  • Seeking a specific behaviour intervention to change your child’s behaviours.
  • Not interested in considering and addressing the underlying cause of difficult behaviours.
  • Parenting a child with chronically dangerous behaviours (violence, substance abuse, sexually acting out, self-injury, etc.).

Being With™


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  • 12-Week Program
  • Weekly Sessions
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  • Practical Resources
  • Workbook 
  • Bonus videos  
  • Fridge Sheets
  • Community support
  • Autism Funding Unit (AFU) & Online Learning (DL) Friendly.
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Unlock the Mystery of Behaviour 


Section 1: Become an Expert in Your Child's Behavior 

Section 2: Regulated, Connected Kids Who Feel Safe Behave Well

Section 3: A New Lens on Behaviour


Samantha Morton

This program with Adrianne has been a transformative experience for me as a parent. I now truly realize that my children's experiences and perspectives will differ from mine, and that's okay. However, it wasn't until I did this program with Adrianne that this understanding truly crystallized.

As my children grew, making sense of their behaviours has often been challenging. I've gained a new perspective – seeing my child's actions as a way of seeking connection or feeling disconnected. This shift in mindset has allowed me to approach myself and parenting my kids with more humility, compassion and understanding that I didn't fully embody before.

I've always had an intuitive sense of my child's needs; this program has validated that knowledge. I now more confidently navigate parenting, armed with the new tools and insights provided. It's not just a course; it's a new lens through which I view my and my child's worlds – a lens that has brought us closer together.

Thank you, Adrianne, for guiding me on this incredible journey of connection and understanding. I am truly grateful for your positive impact on my parenting and my relationship with my child.