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Feeling overwhelmed with parenting, autism and family life?  

Does it seem like the path you’re on isn’t going in the right direction? 

I can help.

As a Neurodiversity Nurse I work with neuro-divergent families to create balance & harmony, to foster greater connection and to promote the overall growth and development of each family member. I'm here as a coach to guide you through learning about regulation, autistic neurology, parenting and human development to using everyday moments and your child's strengths as opportunities to help your child develop enhanced inertia & motivation, self-regulation, problem-solving abilities and much more. 

Through customized guidance you will be empowered to transform and find balance in your family life, you will feel more connected with your child and inspired to living an unconventional joyful family life.

Have a look through my site and feel free to get in touch to book a Discovery Consultation. 

A Personalized Approach

The Cutting Edge

Every child and every family is unique. Utilizing an ongoing and dynamic assessment and intervention model, my services are personalized for your child and family at all times. Together we will customize an intervention program for your child that fits with your family’s philosophies. We will come up with a plan that will connect all the service providers on your child’s team as well as anyone else that’s regularly involved in your child’s care at home, at school and in the community. Helping you identify a plan of action that includes simplifying, slowing down and connecting, my holistic and evidence-based approach is aimed towards helping you feel empowered, connected and inspired to restore balance and an intuitive way of parenting.


The Path to Quality of Life

Autism & Neurodiversity Consulting and Coaching

Restore balance, develop a fulfilling family life and build stronger connections with your child. Help your child develop effective life skills and dynamic thinking skills. Experience a natural and intuitive shift in your parenting style. My approach draws from emergent research in autism, neurodiversity, neuroscience, development across the life-span, Connection-Based Parenting and more. 

Finance Consultancy

It's been such an indescribable joy working with Adrianne.

Candice, Chilliwack BC

"Adrianne has many strengths... She demonstrates enthusiasm, dedication, thoughtfulness, thoroughness and careful planning… She is a passionate advocate for her family. This passion, combined with her education and wonderful qualities such as her empathetic nature and ability to relate and listen, guide her in her decisions. I hope that many families and children have an opportunity to work with her and benefit from Adrianne’s knowledge and dedication."

Judith Barnett, Certified RDI™ Consultant

Implementation Planning

New Diagnosis Support

Finding Grace in the Chaos

Sensory Processing. Dysregulation. Meltdowns. Autism. AS. AFU......Confused? I sure was. Facing a possible or new diagnosis of Autism Spectrum or other developmental diagnosis, such as ADHD, for a child, spouse of oneself is always emotional and often overwhelming for parents. I’m here to provide individualized guidance, support and coaching for you at any time through this journey.


Transform Your Parenting 

Parenting Consulting

As a parent you can find yourself feeling overwhelmed just getting through the day. My evidence-based coaching will help you to feel balanced and confident in your parenting. A warm and authoritative parenting approach enhances the parent-child relationship, the quality of life for your whole family and leads to a healthier future for your children.


Adrianne Kmet, BScN (Hon.), RN

Neurodiversity Nurse

Owner | Discover Autism

Hi, I'm Adrianne - a Neurodiversity Nurse for neurodivergent individuals and their families. As a wife and mother of two children in a neuro-divergent family I understand the power of acceptance, connection and living unconventionally. We continually strive towards balance and harmony, which has brought our family to a place where we are authentic, joyful and thriving. I get what it’s like to go against the grain and create a life that better meets each family member's needs. Along this journey my husband and I have have become more effective guides to help our children develop deep understanding of themselves, dynamic and creative thinking, life & self-advocacy skills and much more. Each day we strive to use everyday moments as learning opportunities to prepare our children for our complex and dynamic world. Seeing how beneficial this has been for our family and the families I work with has inspired me to become a Neurodiversity Nurse in order to bring this guidance and knowledge to others. Neurodivergent individuals can make enormous leaps in development when in a supportive environment with loving guidance. I love working with families and children to help positively alter the shape of their future.

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