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You're the perfect person to guide your neurodivergent child

Embrace the transformative journey of responsive and trauma-informed parenting, unlocking the power of the nervous system to foster connection and guide your ND child with affirmation and love.

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You're the perfect person to guide your neurodivergent child 

Embrace the transformative journey of responsive parenting, unlocking the power of the nervous system to foster connection and guide your ND child with affirmation and love.

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Nurturing Love and Connection in ND Families


You're in the right place if you seek a stronger connection with your ND child through an affirming approach.

Experience a transformative shift in family life through our parent coaching and group programs that will help you towards:
  • Enhanced well-being and reduced crisis

  • Understanding neurodivergent perspectives

  • Responsive and less-reactive parenting

  • Accommodating and low-demand lifestyle

  • Supporting executive function

  • Loving limits, collaboration and playful connection

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Transform your Family

with a focus on acceptance, connection and relationship.

Accept and Embrace 

Embrace uniqueness, strengths, sensory differences, and neurodivergence for an authentic ND-family life.

Meaningful Connection

Create a playful atmosphere that nurtures autonomy, connection, and deep relationships within your family.

Respectful Communication

Cultivate appreciation, attunement, and personalized communication to strengthen understanding and foster connection.

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Hey there, I'm Adrianne!

Hello, and a warm welcome to you! I am your dedicated coach and consultant, ready to help you significantly transform your ND family's life with newfound understanding and possibilities.

My passion is forming deep connections with my clients, providing personalized coaching, and helping you develop empowering mindsets, skills, and resilience.

Together, we'll embrace neurodiversity and help you create a happier, more fulfilling ND family life. As a late-diagnosed autistic woman and mother to three incredible autistic PDA & ADHD kids, I understand the importance of inclusive spaces within our homes and beyond.

Through personalized coaching and programs, I've helped countless families boost their confidence and find their groove. Let's connect and work together to transform your ND family life.


More About Me

With years of experience, I empower families,

fostering connection, reducing conflict, and providing affirming care for neurodivergent children, including those who are adopted and impacted by trauma.

With my holistic, relationship, and nervous system-based approach, I support parents in building affirming relationships, promoting their child's growth, relieving stress, and improving dynamics.

Who I Work With:

Individuals looking for an empowering and inspiring approach! 

Relationship Builders

Are you a parent, carer, or professional interested in using relationship-based, non-coercive approaches in your parenting or practice? Suppose you want to build strong connections with children without relying on rewards, consequences, or punishments. In that case, I can provide guidance and strategies to foster positive relationships and promote emotional well-being.

Neurodiversity Advocates

Are you someone who wholeheartedly embraces neurodiversity and believes in celebrating and supporting the unique strengths and perspectives of ND individuals? Suppose you are a parent, caregiver or professional seeking to understand neurodivergent children better through an affirming lens and create an inclusive environment. In that case, I am here to support you on this journey.

Progressive Education Enthusiasts

Do you believe in experience-based, out-of-the-box education that goes beyond traditional schooling? Interested in approaches like unschooling, self-directed learning, and empowering neurodivergent learners? Whether you're a parent or professional, I can assist you in creating an educational environment that fosters curiosity, autonomy, and love for learning. Let's break free from rigid boundaries and embrace diverse ways of learning.


Coaching, Consulting & Courses

Take your pick and let's get started...

Private Coaching & Consulting

Unlock love and connection with ND children. As a parent, caregiver, or professional, I provide the tools, strategies, and support you need to help them flourish. Together, we'll celebrate their strengths and create an environment that fosters love, understanding, and connection.

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Being With™ Parent Course 

Understand the brain so your children’s baffling behaviours begin to make sense, and you know how to respond. You'll gain clarity and confidence, learning how to respond to your child based on how regulated or dysregulated they are.

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Hand-in-Hand Starter Class

Discover five powerful Hand-in-Hand Parenting tools to overcome challenging behaviours, reduce burnout, and nurture strong adult-child relationships in the unique context of neurodiverse families.

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Working with an ND Coach

No matter which method you choose to work with me I prioritize understanding and affirmation and am always honest about the neurodivergent experience. I specialize in collaborating exclusively with parents, caregivers, and educators who are open to accepting and appreciating neurodiversity.

I believe in a flexible approach that respects the unique developmental timelines of neurodivergent children. My priority is to understand the underlying causes of behaviour, build safety & connection, identify stressors, and HELP YOU meet your child's individual needs. I foster collaboration, promoting your child's well-being on their unique neurodivergent journey. My approach is not about compliance or coercion but rather understanding, empathy, and support that empowers you to help your child to thrive in their own unique way.

As someone who is neurodivergent myself, I bring a unique perspective and approach to our work together. I understand the intricacies of neurodivergent experiences and can provide tailored support that meets both your specific needs and mine. Our relationship will be guided by mutual understanding and respect, ensuring we work together to honour our wiring. 

Client Transformations

Adrianne is a yoda to guide families through the complexities of the neurodivergent family experience. Coaching with Adrianne was absolutely vital in not just keeping my job but also in developing my skills as a caregiver.

Samantha, an ND Family Nanny

The BEST support we have received since our older daughter’s diagnosis. Right from the beginning, it was clear that Adrianne’s style was a great match for us. Her approach is inclusive, gently curious and fully supportive of our distinctive needs.

Brent & Carmen, raising ND children

Adrianne has helped us come to understand our children better and through that journey ourselves as both parents and even spouses. She has made a real difference in our lives. Adrianne is a passionate professional who cares tremendously about helping neuro-divergent families.

Dana & Sam, raising ND teens

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Parent Triggers Unlocked

From Triggers to Connection in Neurodivergent Parenting

This practical guide offers strategies and insights for cultivating compassion, personalized tools, and healing as we navigate the joys and challenges of parenting ND kids in a world not designed for them.