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Discover how to use Hand-in-Hand tools within the context of a Neurodivergent family life to build a stronger parent-child connection.


Discover how to use Hand-in-Hand Parenting Tools with Neurodivergent children. 

Introducing "NeuroParenting by Connection: Empowering Parents of Neurodivergent Children with Hand-in-Hand Tools," an exclusive 8-week course designed for neurodiverse families. This program provides practical tools and supports to build strong, healthy relationships.

Delve into five simple and effective Hand-in-Hand Parenting tools tailored for neurodiverse families. These trauma-informed tools help you become a secure base, fostering deep connection and understanding.

Enroll in NeuroParenting by Connection to gain essential tools and support for a stronger, more harmonious family dynamic. Unlock the potential for deeper connections and a fulfilling parenting journey.

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Learn to confidently respond to your child's needs and navigate challenges with empathy.

Gain insights into how your child's neurodivergent profile influences their behaviour and emotions.

Experience a supportive environment for personal growth through weekly in-call Listening Partnerships and 90-minute mentoring calls. Connect with like-minded parents in small group sessions to learn and exchange valuable insights.

Learn 5 Simple & Effective Tools 



Put your child in charge for a short chunk of time, delighting in them.


Promote your child's laughter and joy to connect and release tension.


Listen deeply with warmth and attention at the most challenging times.

Limit Setting

Stop off-track behaviour with love, warmth and respect

Listening Partnership

Raising kids can be a tough job, but you don't have to go through it by yourself. Let Listening Time be your dependable source of support.

NeuroParenting By Connection

Discover how to use Hand-in-Hand Parenting Tools within the framework of a neurodiverse family life.
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Who is this course for?

  • Visionary parents who are eager to move beyond traditional behaviour intervention techniques. They aim to establish a profound and authentic connection with their child, making them champions of connection.

  • Empowering parents who believe in creating an environment where their children can express themselves genuinely and freely and foster their unique individuality.

  • Self-reflective explorers who are willing to embark on a personal journey of introspection and self-reflection to enhance their parenting approach and facilitate growth.

  • Long-term change seekers who desire to make significant and lasting changes in their parenting style, creating a sustainable and positive impact on their child's life for years to come.

This course might not be the best fit if you are...

  • Looking for easy solutions.
  • Seeking consequence-based parenting methods
  • Wanting¬†a specific behavior modification to alter¬†your child's actions and behaviour.
  • Not wanting to explore and¬†heal the root causes of challenging behaviors.
  • Parenting a child with persistently hazardous conduct such as substance abuse, violent tendencies, sexual misconduct, or self-harm.

NeuroParenting by Connection


Exclusive Offer!

  • Discover the Hand-in-Hand Tools within the context of¬†ND children

  • 8-Week Program
  • Weekly Sessions
  • Recordings of live sessions
  • Workbook
  • Fridge Sheets
  • Community support
  • Autism Funding Unit (AFU) & Online Learning (DL) Friendly.
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Reconnect and Play

Rediscovering the Joy of Connection


Section 1: Welcome to Deeper Connection & Less Stress

Section 2: The Science of Children's Emotions

Section 3: Connecting Through Staylistening

Section 4: Emotions, Off-Track Behavior & Loving Boundaries

Section 5: Playlistening to Unleash Laughter and Joy

Section 6: Managing Restimulation in Challenging Moments

Section 7: Building Supportive Connections 

Section 8: Creating a Future Filled with Connection & Support