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Work with me to

Make a real change in your neurodivergent child's life.

Work with me to


Learn how to make real change in your child's life.

Transform your Family

with a focus on acceptance, connection and relationship.

Accept and Embrace 

Embrace uniqueness, strengths, sensory differences, and neurodivergence for an authentic ND-family life.

Meaningful Connection

Create a playful atmosphere that nurtures autonomy, connection, and deep relationships within your family.


Respectful Communication

Cultivate appreciation, attunement, and personalized communication to strengthen understanding and foster connection.

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Private Coaching & Consulting

A Customized Coaching Program for Caregivers of ND Individuals

I offer personalized coaching that includes live sessions, referrals, weekday email and text access to me for the duration of the program, personalized projects and many invaluable resources. Embrace the opportunity to have my attention. Let's dive deep into your journey and create meaningful transformation together.

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Being With

A Course for Parents with Kids with Big Baffling Behaviours

The Being With™ Parent Course is designed specifically for parents of children with intense emotions and challenging behaviors. If you're seeking to move beyond punishment-based approaches that leave both parents and kids frustrated and disconnected, this course is for you. It focuses on building understanding, safety, and connection as the foundation for positive change.

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NeuroParenting by Connection Class

Hand-in-Hand Parenting for Neurodiverse Families

Ready to take a BIG step forward in building a strong connection and relationship with your child? Join my small-group education and coaching programs to help you utilize the Hand-in-Hand Parenting Tools specifically tailored for neurodivergent children. Through these programs, you'll gain the knowledge and guidance needed to foster a deep connection with your child, get playful and set limits lovingly.  

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Transform Your Family

At Discover Autism, we are dedicated to helping you make a positive difference in the life of ND children. Our innovative, informal, fun, and therapeutic approach is designed to set you up for success. We draw upon the expertise of autistic and neurodivergent individuals and families we work with, the greater ND community and emergent research ensuring that our methods are informed by professional knowledge and lived experiences.

Let me guess – you may sometimes feel like other parents of autistic kids have it all figured out. The vast amount of conflicting information can be overwhelming. Do you wish for a stronger bond with your child but struggle to understand how to bridge the gap in your relationship? You may feel the urge to take action, yet prefer to explore options beyond behaviour-based therapies.

Coaching with Adrianne will empower you to feel competent and confident in parenting your autistic child. Our personalized guidance will strengthen your relationship and provide simple yet effective tools and strategies to enhance your parenting toolbox. With a focus on understanding, connection, playfulness and relationship rather than coercive or behavioural strategies, we will help you navigate challenges and create a brighter future for your family. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the potential within your family dynamics.

Adrianne's coaching has a profound impact on the parents she works with. They consistently express a deep sense of support and understanding, appreciating that they are treated with respect and dignity, without any trace of pity. Through her guidance, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the neurodiverse family experience, allowing them to create functional dynamics and establish effective communication within their families.

As a result of Adrianne's coaching, their lives are transformed. They develop a newfound confidence in handling distressing situations with compassion, connection, and advocacy. They are no longer defined by constant crises, but instead empowered to navigate any challenge life throws their way. The positive changes they experience pave the way for a future filled with resilience and empowerment. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

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Hey there, I'm Adrianne!

Hello, and a warm welcome to you! I am your dedicated coach and consultant, ready to help you significantly transform your ND family's life with newfound understanding and possibilities.

My passion is forming deep connections with my clients, providing personalized coaching, and helping you develop empowering mindsets, skills, and resilience.

Together, we'll embrace neurodiversity and help you create a happier, more fulfilling ND family life. As a late-diagnosed autistic woman and mother to three incredible autistic PDA & ADHD kids, I understand the importance of inclusive spaces within our homes and beyond.

Through personalized coaching and programs, I've helped countless families boost their confidence and find their groove. Let's connect and work together to transform your ND family life.

More About Me

Got something on your mind?

Whether you have questions about my coaching, my programs, or you want to connect, I'd love to hear from you! Go ahead and send me a message.

For detailed information on coaching packages, service fees, and included services, I encourage you to visit my Coaching Packages page, which addresses many common questions. 

I can't wait to connect!

Big hugs

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Parent Triggers Unlocked

From Triggers to Connection in Neurodivergent Parenting

This practical guide offers strategies and insights for cultivating compassion, personalized tools, and healing as we navigate the joys and challenges of parenting ND kids in a world not designed for them.