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Enhance overall well-being, lessen crises, gain insight into neurodivergent perspectives, adopt responsive parenting techniques, create a lifestyle accommodating differences, boost executive function, and establish caring boundaries and playful connections with ND children through personalized coaching.

Coaching Packages
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Nurturing Love and Connection in ND Families


You're in the right place if you seek a stronger connection with your ND child through an affirming approach.

Experience a transformative shift in family life through our parent coaching and group programs that will help you towards:
  • Enhanced well-being and reduced crisis

  • Understanding neurodivergent perspectives

  • Responsive and less-reactive parenting

  • Accommodating and low-demand lifestyle

  • Supporting executive function

  • Loving limits, collaboration and playful connection


Coaching Packages

Transform your Family

with a focus on acceptance, connection and relationship.

Accept and Embrace 

Embrace uniqueness, strengths, sensory differences, and neurodivergence for an authentic ND-family life.

Meaningful Connection

Create a playful atmosphere that nurtures autonomy, connection, and deep relationships within your family.

Respectful Communication

Cultivate appreciation, attunement, and personalized communication to strengthen understanding and foster connection.

Who I Work With

I've been there, in day-to-day survival mode.

I want you to know that there is hope for a brighter future.

It wasn't so long ago that I was where you are now. I know what it feels like to want more connection, less conflict and a more affirming approach. 

With a combination of extensive training, practical expertise, and lived experience, I have the knowledge and skills to help you confidently navigate your unique journey.

Being With Practitioner
Certified Instructor 
Registered Nurse
Safe & Sound Certified
Certified Instructor
Certified Instructor 
San'yas Cultural Safety Training

Personalized Coaching & Support

To Meet Your Unique Needs

Unlock Your Potential: Live Coaching, Customized Care, Valuable Support


Prioritize Realistic Self-Care. Build Support Systems.

Understand ND

Learn about Autism, Neurodiversity, Sensory, etc.


Explore Safety, Stress, Energy, and Tension at the Body Level.


Develop Responsive and Collaborative Parenting.


Foster Respectful, Attuned and Affirming Connections.


Become a Partner and Guide with Playful Co-Regulation.

Coaching Packages

Who I Work With:

Individuals looking for an empowering and inspiring approach! 

Relationship Builders

Are you a parent, carer, or professional interested in using relationship-based, non-coercive approaches in your parenting or practice? Suppose you want to build strong connections with children without relying on rewards, consequences, or punishments. In that case, I can provide guidance and strategies to foster positive relationships and promote emotional well-being.


Neurodiversity Advocates

Are you someone who wholeheartedly embraces neurodiversity and believes in celebrating and supporting the unique strengths and perspectives of ND individuals? Suppose you are a parent, caregiver or professional seeking to understand neurodivergent children better through an affirming lens and create an inclusive environment. In that case, I am here to support you on this journey.


Progressive Education Enthusiasts

Do you believe in experience-based, out-of-the-box education that goes beyond traditional schooling? Interested in approaches like unschooling, self-directed learning, and empowering neurodivergent learners? Whether you're a parent or professional, I can assist you in creating an educational environment that fosters curiosity, autonomy, and love for learning. Let's break free from rigid boundaries and embrace diverse ways of learning.

What's My Investment 

When you begin parent coaching, you will embark on a life-changing journey that will have a profound impact on your family life. You will experience improved well-being, fewer crises, a greater understanding of neurodivergent perspectives, responsive and less-reactive parenting, a lifestyle that better accommodates everyone's needs, support for executive function, and the ability to set loving limits and create playful connections. All prices are in Canadian Dollar (CAD).

The Essential Journey


Sessions Every Two Weeks

  • Bi-Weekly¬†Sessions (every other week)
  • Learning Modules
  • Ongoing Holistic Assessments
  • Skilled Coaching
  • Treatment Care Plan¬†
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The Ultimate Transformation


Weekly Sessions

  • Weekly Sessions
  • Learning Modules
  • Highly Personalized Education, Support & Coaching
  • Ongoing Holistic Assessments¬†
  • Treatment Care Plan¬†
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The Customized Path


Monthly Sessions

  • Monthly Session
  • Intake Assessment
  • Targeted Coaching
  • Resources
  • Retainer
  • Basic Care Plan
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What's in the Packages?

Discover the power of personalized intentions, goal visualization, and transformative reflection in each coaching package. With comprehensive follow-up notes and valuable resources, you'll have the tools to unlock your full potential.

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Transformations by our Friends

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Testimonial that outlines the benefits they received from your program/course/membership.

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"After 8 weeks inside the XYZ program, I have tripled my monthly revenue"

Testimonial that outlines the benefits they received from your program/course/membership.

Janet Campbell Designs

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Hey there, I'm Adrianne!

Hello, and a warm welcome to you! I am your dedicated coach and consultant, ready to help you significantly transform your ND family's life with newfound understanding and possibilities.

My passion is forming deep connections with my clients, providing personalized coaching, and helping you develop empowering mindsets, skills, and resilience.

Together, we'll embrace neurodiversity and help you create a happier, more fulfilling ND family life. As a late-diagnosed autistic woman and mother to three incredible autistic PDA & ADHD kids, I understand the importance of inclusive spaces within our homes and beyond.

Through personalized coaching and programs, I've helped countless families boost their confidence and find their groove. Let's connect and work together to transform your ND family life.

More About Me

I will help you...

  • Transform theory into practical, meaningful daily practices
  • Equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to support your child in various environments
  • Recognize and celebrate your efforts, successes, and progress
  • Foster genuine love and advocacy for your child's unique strengths and differences

Empower Your Neurodiverse Family...


At Discover Autism, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to empower your neurodiverse family. Our personalized virtual care consults are tailored to your unique learning style, and our in-between session support is available through secure text on the Signal App and email for ongoing assistance.

We believe in celebrating your journey and promoting realistic self-care and family connection for a balanced and fulfilling family life. Our coaching approach emphasizes open discussion and problem-solving to address any difficulties you or your child may face.

Throughout our coaching journey, we will encourage you to set intentions, visualize goals, and embrace opportunities for reflection and learning from experience. We are dedicated to empowering you with the necessary tools and skills to build a closer and more functional neurodiverse family.

Join us at Discover Autism and experience the transformative power of our holistic coaching approach in creating a nurturing and thriving environment for you and your loved ones.

Transformations by our Friends


"After two years of working with Adrianne, our family has experienced a transformative shift. We have developed a more rhythmic flow, reduced distress, and gained an enhanced ability to co-regulate with our children." 

 Understanding how to parent neurodivergent children is a unique experience that requires expertise and guidance. With Adrianne's support, we have gained valuable strategies and insights that have profoundly improved our family dynamics and overall well-being. By focusing on connecting with our children's nervous systems and learning to co-regulate with them, we have experienced a transformative shift. What was once filled with conflict and distress has become a pathway of collaboration and connection.

Adrianne gives us hope and provides proactive tools for a more harmonious and connected future. We are grateful to continue our journey with Adrianne as our guide, eager to deepen our understanding of each other and our children.

Brook & Kade

Raising AuADHD-PDA children


"After three years of working with Adrianne, her coaching guided our family towards a better place of growth and connection."

Adrianne's coaching has been a guiding light for our family, supporting us through the challenges of raising three neurodivergent boys. From the exhausting days of high-demand babies to the tumultuous toddler years and the confusing preschool phase, I searched everywhere for guidance. Once Adrianne came into our lives, I gained confidence in understanding myself and our children, and I held onto my parenting choices that were best for our unique family.

I wholeheartedly recommend Adrianne as a mentor, coach and guide. Even when things seemed chaotic and didn't make sense, Adrianne's unwavering support and insightful guidance kept us going. She encouraged us to embrace even the smallest signs of progress and change, recognizing their value in our journey toward a brighter future. Over time, the puzzle of our family's journey revealed a beautiful picture of growth and connection.

Adrianne is truly a remarkable person who can help any intense and real neurodivergent family achieve positive change and growth that works for them. Thank you, Adrianne, for being there for us and sharing your wisdom with our family!" 


Mom of three AuADHD-PDA boys

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Parent Triggers Unlocked

From Triggers to Connection in Neurodivergent Parenting

This practical guide offers strategies and insights for cultivating compassion, personalized tools, and healing as we navigate the joys and challenges of parenting ND kids in a world not designed for them.